Computer/Records Ink
These inks are used by the class of printers utilizing full character ele rum or printwheel). The quality requirement is maximum character yield or printed line count. The images are intended for human reading and recognition. This group of inks is characterized as a nonresinous, permanent type ink. The liquid vehicle is a blend of synthetic and natural oils which are nondrying and also yield optimum wetting and flow out with nylon fabric. The color portion consists of selected dyes solubilized in a very pure grade of fatty acid and pigments which have been selected for ease of dispersion, stability and color strength. Typical applications include record work on line printers, tabulators and narrow data processing.

OCR/Bar Code Inks
These inks are used for producing printed images which are to be machine read or scanned. The scanning equipment may function in either the visible or infrared spectrum. The printed images must conform in print quality to specific width and edge requirements. The images must be solid and free of void spaces. Matrix printers are usually those with high quality printheads (tungsten, carbide wire/needles) that minimize head wear. These inks are similar to record inks in that a lower level of dye components and particular attention to the migration of all liquid components limits and controls print quality. Carbon black is used to improve the response to the scanning equipment. ITC offers inks with carbon levels from 5% to 14% by weight.

Matrix Single Color Inks
The class of printers that produce characters from a series of dots require an ink that has low abrasion/wear to the print mechanism. The dots produced have some migration to form solid characters. Matrix inks may be completely free of insolubles or contain carbon black, typically at levels of 2%, 3%, 5% and 8%. The lease abrasive grade of carbon black is carefully selected and is added to increase opacity and to improve fade resistance and character yield. The color portion of these inks consists of selected dyes which are solubilized in a very pure grade of fatty acid. These inks may contain carbon black which has been processed to a 3-micron or less particle size. The vehicle portion is a mixture of mineral oil, vegetable oil and a surface agent. A special lubricating oil additive incorporated in ITC matrix inks has excellent stability and provides the lubrication required for the matrix printhead to operate over a wide range of temperatures. ITC matrix inks are compatible with machine lubricating oils and will not cause coagulation or precipitation of the dyes upon dilution.

Matrix OCR/Bar Code Inks
These inks are used in label printing application which will be machine scanned. The printed images must conform to quality standards; i.e., sharp edge definition, full coverage and signal response. Carbon black is used to increase the infrared scanability. The sensitive nature of matrix printheads requires an extremely fine dispersion of the carbon black to minimize any abrasion. ITC has developed some specialty inks for use with nonporous label stocks.

Matrix Multicolor Inks
The development of several computer software programs has promoted color printing and graphics applications for matrix printers. This type of application falls into two categories:"Process" software directed the printing of colors by blending/overprinting from the various color bands. It is desirable for the lightest color to be printed first to minimize contamination/contact with the ribbon."Primary" colors are the basis colors used for printing. The software merely selects the appropriate color and does not create a blend.The inks are ultrafine dispersions of pigments in an oil blend vehicle system with all the necessary properties needed for matrix printing: good lubrication, low abrasion and good migration to maximize character yield.

Typewriter & EPC Inks
These inks are used for typewriters, electronic processing calculators, cash registers and point-of-sale terminals capable of bi-color printing. The impact printing units may utilize full character printing elements or matrix printwires. The important quality feature is for high character yield from the black band. The oil vehicle blend has been designed to provide maximum yield. This includes sufficient lubricant additive for use on matrix printers. The carbon black and pigment particles are dispersed to a 3micron or smaller particle size.

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