Ink Technology Corporation (Ink Technology) has been and will continue to develop inkjet inks based on our own independent technology (the “covered ink”).  Ink Technology has proactively requested a legal review of specific covered inks in light of three patents typically referenced by Hewlett Packard in an infringement action: US patent nos. 5,165,968, 5,428,383 and 5,488,402 (the “HP Patents”).  That legal opinion concluded that the covered inks examined do not infringe these patents.

The remanufacture of inkjet cartridges is a complex process and ink is but one element.  Ink Technology expects its customers will evaluate the covered inks for suitability in their manufacturing process.

Ink Technology also assumes that our customers are seeking to avoid infringement through their choice of component materials, manufacturing process, packaging materials/design and marketing materials.

t negotiations relating to the indemnification of claims against you that the covered inks infringe the HP Patents.  To the extent that you have additional concerns, Ink Technology will consider the review of additional patents and further indemnification upon request.

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