At Ink Technology, we strive to be the premier source for impact printer inks. At the same time, we are applying our knowledge and abilities in the exciting areas of non-impact printing.

Our products include:

Ink Technology is the world's largest manufacturer of oil-based inks for impact printing.

Using all of the experience and know-how that has made us an industry leader, Ink Technology has developed inkjet formulations which stand alone in quality of image clarity, uniformity of color and character/page yield. This high level of quality is reflected in both our bulk inkjet inks as well as our finished inkjet products.

is our answer to the exploding demand for bar code label printing. From our Cleveland-based converting operation, "TTT" offers high quality wax, wax/resin and resin thermal transfer ribbons for thermal label applications.

Primedia Products Inc. is the leading supplier of MICR toner products to dealers, distributors and rechargers across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.
Over the past seven years at Primedia, we have put together a team of experts in order to become "The MICR Specialists".
We have built a reputation throughout the industry that you can trust. We must and we will continue our efforts to bring to the market new and improved products.
Our MICR toners are formulated and manufactured by the leading MICR experts. Our remanufactured cartridges are built by well trained technicians. Primedia's MICR toners and MICR cartridges are being shipped around the world.
We have a very qualified support team in sales & marketing, customer service, toner manufacturing and cartridge remanufacturing.
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